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Laminated Tube Manufacturing

PACK-TUBES is offering a unique "blind" seam with a printed lap-splice seam type on a laminated tube to eliminate the commonly seen, non-printed 2 - 3 mm gap space error that is seen going from top to bottom of each tube. We ensure that your sensitive, organic and all natural formulas are put into an airless flow collapsible tube which helps the product last longer and stay uncontaminated. Our high-barrier external protection materials come with a high definition 360-degree top-to-bottom decorated tube. Laminated tubes are available on metallic, mirror, silver, gold and all PMS colors with matte and gloss finish tubes. Contact us if you have any questions!

Made in America
7515 Oak Bluff Dr.
Suite A
Magnolia TX 77354
P:  (888) 238 - 9298

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