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PACK-TUBES is a world-class manufacturer and distributor of custom-made collapsible Aluminum tubes, Laminated tubes, and squeezable Plastic tubes. With highly trained staff that manages state-of-the-art equipment to create high-quality tubes. We have a growing presence in North America and facilities Magnolia Texas and Mexico City. We welcome start-ups and new product launches in a tube. Ask us how we make custom-deco aluminum tubes by the box for very low MOQ, ideal for the INDIE Brands. 


PACK-TUBES aims to be the leading, undisputed tube provider of high-quality packaging plastic, laminated and metal tubes. We have fully equipped manufacturing facilities that cater to North American customers.  


ISO 14001    ISO 22000    ISO 22716    ISO 9001

Material Data Sheet    Good Manufacturing Practices     Barco Printing Validation

Homologate Manufacturing Procedures    Printing Process Profiling    Self Audit Validation

7515 Oak Bluff Dr
Suite A
Magnolia TX 77354
P:  (888) 238-9298

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