We have received a number of certifications for packaging excellence including: ISO 9001:2008 by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc., validation group approved suppliers, certified suppliers, Good Manufacturing processes. PACK Tubes’ commitment to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) ensures the highest standards in quality assurance, engineering and manufacturing of our finished products. We have also been recognized as a Certified Supplier for AVON.

U.S. Sales and Customer Service Office

PACK-TUBES is eager and ready to take on your most demanding packaging and service needs. Our goal is to provide you with impeccable service and solutions that offer superior performance while optimizing consumer functionality and brand awareness. We believe our staff members and core values make this possible. We have impressed customers from Canada to Brazil with our value-added solutions.

PACK-TUBES is a customer-service oriented company where friendly employees thrive on education, development, innovation, and overall success.

U.S. Office
6700 Woodlands Parkway
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The Woodlands, TX 77382
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Plastic Tube Co-extrusion Manufacturer

Our production equipment is located in modern state-of-the-art facilities that foster a positive, upbeat atmosphere which guarantees a sterile process and avoids contamination in compliance with industry standards. We have from 1 to 8 printing decks for tube decoration technology which obtains the following features: special colors, four color process, vignettes and custom selection color for the most demanding artwork.

In addition we have silk-screen printing of 1 to 4 colors, in bright three dimensional texturized effects and custom-selected colors and patterns.

Our hot stamping brings metal finish spots to the tubes' decoration requirements.

In each of our products and services we make a commitment to finding an adequate solution in regards to innovation, devotion, quality, and great customer service. Customer satisfaction is our main goal.

Laminated Collapsible Tubes

In-house laminated web manufacturing integration for total independence and flexibility to manufacture up to 24 different web structures including clear, white, super white, silver, super silver, mirror, paper craft and pearled finishes. Web structures from 157 to 400 microns on PBL, ABL, NBL and MPET laminated web materials.

We have six (6) UV flexographic crisp printing presses with hybrid capabilities to insert rotary silk-screen and cold stampings based on artwork demands. Internal pre-press group to develop specific thin to harden printing plates to high screen count anilox roll technology balance. Pro-active print spectrometer system on the press shares a roll mapping to an automatic defect-detect system to doctor each rolls down to specifications within tolerances prior to passing to our AISA full automatic tube forming and assemble processes. We handle 45 angle to blind lapping gap to achieve 360 print finish tube.

Aluminum Collapsible Tubes

Our manufacturing facility comply with all have the established pharmaceutical and personal care industry requirements. We have developed latest generation inner aluminum tube’s lacquer with printing capabilities of up to 5 dry offset stations with five installed Hinterkopf production lines for aluminum tubes.

We have developed and integrated unique self-monitoring software with close loop monitoring and report system.