PACK-TUBES has a wide range of tube dimensions that have the capability to withstand high temperatures as well as oil, grease, and other corrosive ingredients. These tubes can be used to safely store, grease, lubricants, insecticides, and other acidic products that contain dangerous chemical compounds.


Tubes On The SPOT

  • Customized tube deco offerings utilizing waterfall firing millions of dots per second technology to reproduce astonishing pictures, graphic effects and direct spot colors on a squeezable plastic TUBE.
  • Chose from our TUBE templates menu for immediate turn around solutions.
  • Purchase a full-color decorated TUBE MOQ 5000 per SKU.
  • Ideal TUBE solution for start-ups, new product launches or seasonal needs.

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Plastic tubes are seamless tubes and are used to package high-end, low-volume products for a wide range of industries.

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